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Power next-gen imaging with the world’s most advanced CZT sensors.

The future of radiation imaging and detection is clear — artificial intelligence (AI) will play a critical role, increasing the capabilities and accuracy of new equipment. For AI tech to reach its full potential, sensors need to capture and deliver the full suite of data available from every individual photon.

Today Redlen is one of only two companies in the world capable of producing state-of-the-art photon counting sensors with the necessary performance for CT and AI. Redlen’s photon counting CT sensor production capability is the result of more that 20 years of dedicated development. You’ll want your radiation imaging system product pipeline to be fueled by only the most advanced photon counting sensors in the world.

Redlen's advanced imaging platform includes proprietary in-house processes for growing Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) semiconductor materials and fabricating the CZT photon counting sensors that are used to create vertically integrated imaging modules which combine leading edge sensors with sophisticated electronics.


Redlen's proprietary CZT semiconductor production process overcomes the traditional limitations of other CZT manufacturers' to produce high quality, cost effective CZT for radiation detection and imaging.

Our process provides:

10x More

Construct ultra-high resolution images from smaller pixels that have inherently higher contrast-to-noise ratios, and better spatial resolution than traditional technology while providing spectral information for material identification.

With 80% Less Radiation

Eliminate low energy noise and correct image blooming artifacts to increase sensitivity and accuracy of imaging products while significantly reducing radiation dose compared to traditional technology.

For New
Imaging Products

Use multi-energy discrimination to provide the data needed to unlock an entirely new class of imaging capabilities, including AI-based technology and new imaging contrast agents.

Our sensors are beyond scintillating.

By measuring the energy of individual x-ray photons, Redlen’s Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT)semiconductor sensor technology breaks through the limitations of traditional scintillators.

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