Precision energy detection that delivers 10x more information

By measuring the energy of individual photons, we provide 10x more information than existing technologies. Redlen’s precision energy detection technology amplifies the accuracy, efficiency, and safety of imaging products that impact humans daily, including:

Medical Imaging  

Increase diagnostic sensitivity, and safety with high accuracy, lower dose radiation modules

Medical Imaging

Increase diagnostic accuracy, image quality and safety with high resolution, low dose radiation imaging modules.

Major medical CT OEM’s are incorporating Redlen's high resolution multi-energy X-ray imaging modules into next generation photon counting CT scanners. Redlen’s energy sensitive detection capability enables photon counting CT systems to identify and image specific materials within the body – while also providing typically twice the image resolution at 40% lower radiation dose. Collectively new photon counting enabled CT systems will dramatically improve diagnostic accuracy and patient safety compared to historical scintillator technologies.

Redlen’s advanced CZT semiconductor sensor technology is also used for precision gamma radiation imaging used in full body nuclear imaging Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT) systems, and in specialized, cardiology and molecular breast gamma imaging systems primarily to diagnose cancer, and detect heart defects:


Current imaging platforms for cardiology require significantly more time to complete a dual isotope nuclear scan than a CZT based system. By comparison, traditional nuclear imaging systems perform two scans; one of 16 minutes and a second of 21 minutes separated by a 6 hour wait period while CZT based cardiology imaging systems  perform both scans at typically double the resolution in a total time of minutes. A substantial benefit for both the patient and the clinic.

Security Screening  

Increase safety and speed with high accuracy identification of dangerous materials

Security Screening

Increase safety and efficiency with high accuracy identification of dangerous materials

Thousands of Baggage scanners and handheld detection systems around the globe are currently using Redlen's precision radiation energy detection and imaging technology to reduce false alarms, increase overall scanning efficiency and elevate safety.

Security scanning and detection equipment that discriminate multiple levels of energy are better able to accurately identify dangerous materials and locate the sources of suspect objects. These enhanced detection and identification capabilities are especially valuable in:

  • Handheld dirty bomb detector systems
  • Stand-off bomb detection systems
  • High-speed security baggage scanning equipment

Non-Destructive Testing  

Increase the safety of consumer goods with high accuracy identification of foreign objects, defects and contaminants

Non-Destructive Testing

Increase the safety of consumer goods with high accuracy identification of low density materials and contaminants.

Precision energy detection expands the scale and scope of consumer safety by screening contaminants with various densities during the manufacturing process. Quickly and accurately identifying low density materials and contaminants is critical to improving the safety and quality of consumer and industrial products  including:

  • Food processing inspection 
  • Industrial testing

Redlen is currently developing multi-energy imaging modules in collaboration with leading food inspection system OEMs to detect low density contaminants such as plastic, uncalcified bone, cartilage, fat, and wood that become present in meat, poultry and fish processing lines.